Back Pain

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Affects 80% of Americans

Back pain can have a profound impact on quality of life, your family, and friends. There are a wide range of spine conditions, and you will find simple and informative articles about many of those conditions in this section.

Back Pain

There are many different types of conditions that cause pain. Like most medical conditions, it is treatable through several methodologies. Determining what condition you have is the key to determining the right treatment option for you. It comes in many forms, lower,middle, and upper back pain are just a few of the symptoms associated with spinal conditions. You may also have pain or tingling in your extremities that may be indications of spinal conditions. Feel free to browse through our articles about conditions. Contact your doctor to set up an appointment to start your road to recovery.

Every person is different, so symptoms of conditions may present differently for different people. Symptoms also vary depending on the condition, its severity, location, and other factors.


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